Aloe vera mercadona opiniones

Aloe vera mercadona opiniones


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Mercadona’s aloe vera gel has surprised us -for better and for worse- in several aspects. This cosmetic is a proof that it is not necessary to complicate your life to achieve good results.

This was the first question we asked ourselves. And the answer was very simple: its lightness. The gel texture gives us a feeling of comfort during application that we do not get with many other products.

Can’t you guess? This aloe vera gel is suitable for all skin types. However, it is especially for sensitive skin that needs soothing. A product with which to moisturize and show off a smooth and regenerated skin.

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Aloe vera is an ingredient that dazzles with its magnificent benefits, especially in terms of beauty, but not all aloe vera products are effective and live up to their promises. Today we are talking about Mercadona’s product.

In fact, I have had more than one disappointment with several and as I do not want to recommend cosmetics that do not comply or that may be harmful to the skin, I first test them and analyze them thoroughly to give a true opinion on the matter.

However, I have certain doubts, because although a cosmetic does not have to be expensive to be efficient, I know that the simple ingredients of the formulations already have a price and for quality components, it is difficult to find something so cheap.

One of the most used is the aloe vera cream of Mercadona, specifically of the Deliplus brand. That is why, after searching for reviews, documenting and testing it, I have decided to tell you how I have done with it, after using it for several weeks.

Below, I will tell you my opinion of this aloe vera cosmetic, the surprises I had when I examined it thoroughly and also the results after applying it daily, and I will also advise you on an outstanding option.

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I get pissed off enough when a brand claims to be natural and it is not (for example Korres), imagine when I read «100% natural» on a bottle of aloe vera from Mercadona and when I read the INCI I discover the cake. What a shamelessness.

I have seen this nonsense with aloe vera not only in Mercadona, but also in a pharmacy. The Veraderm ioox brand says «100% aloe vera» on the bottle, but it is not. It has more ingredients besides aloe, some natural and others that are not.

But let’s get to the case at hand: Mercadona’s aloe vera. Neither of the two sold are 100% aloe vera (why doesn’t the OCU denounce these things instead of blowing up a Lidl cream that is not very anti-wrinkle? Here).

The consumer understands that it is 100% natural aloe vera gel. But no: the product is a gel made with several ingredients including aloe vera. And this ingredient, this ingredient alone, is 100% natural. But from there to the gel being completely natural, there is a long way to go.

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In the comparison and analysis of Aloe vera acne gel Mercadona you will find a list of the most desirable items in the extensive repertoire of products. At the moment of making the choice of the articles we take into account the professional trajectory of the specialists in the sector, the quality-price ratio and the positive valuations that there are about Gel aloe vera acne Mercadona.

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