Colonia vuela mercadona opiniones

Colonia vuela mercadona opiniones


Mercadona aftershave

If you like a brand name perfume but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, what you can do to save is to take a look at the equivalences of Mercadona colognes. This way, you will be able to get that fragrance you love much cheaper.

Mercadona’s cologne section is one of the best rated by consumers. The Valencian supermarket chain takes great care of the quality of its colognes, and in the shelves of its stores we can find perfumes with a very pleasant smell and with a price of the most adjusted.

In the catalog of Mercadona colognes we can find a wide assortment for all tastes. There are perfumes for men and women, fresher or more concentrated, as well as children’s and youthful colognes. Therefore, you have the possibility of getting fragrances for the whole family at a good price.

Another advantage of Mercadona’s range of colognes is that you can find fragrances very similar to those of some well-known brands. Thanks to this, if you know how to search, you can get a scent very similar to that of a brand name cologne for much less money than you would pay for the original.

Like your perfume strength

The company’s policy is to place the Mercadona colognes and perfumes strategically so that the customer, or as they call it, «the boss» falls into its network aromas, to suggest the purchase, that’s why it is called olfactory marketing.

We recommend you to be attentive to the Mercadona perfumes and colognes section because the sections of food, home … are saturated commercially speaking as the margin and route of the products are limited because the competition is very fierce with the rest of supermarkets. Mercadona is betting on new products and sections where it has more profit margin and there is more stock rotation.

In a hundred for her

Mercadona’s beauty products are going from strength to strength. Its creams and cosmetics have found their way into many homes and everything points to the same thing happening with its colognes.

Many of them have a fragrance very similar to recognized luxury perfumes, but, needless to say, their price is much lower, making them a very interesting alternative for Valentine’s Day when the budget is very tight.

Rose Nude, a pink floral fragrance ‘imitation’ of Chloé by Choloé. This equivalence contains lici, rose, muguet and musk. However, its price is infinitely more affordable for the pocketbook. 9 euros, compared to 80 that costs the original.

Mercadona has Monogotas in different scents, including apple, which is equivalent to DKNY’s Be Delicious perfume. It is made with green notes, violet leaves, apple, grapefruit and magnolia, and costs less than 4 euros, compared to 50 euros for Donna Karan.

It blends orange blossom from the orange tree, with star anise flower, pear and rose. It also has notes of ginger, plum, tuberose, as well as vanilla and cinnamon.  Very Woman retails for 13 euros compared to 65 euros for Classique.