Desmaquillante de ojos mercadona

Desmaquillante de ojos mercadona


New color fix – deliplus

You have found the right place if you want to buy Biphasic Makeup Remover, you have been very lucky. In this way that below we will present you all the models. So you can then read what other customers say before proceeding to buy the product in Mercadona. If you find it interesting to know which are the best, so you will have all the information you want to Desmaquillante Bifasico in Mercadona.

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Water resistant shadows? beauty eyes

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Cejas low cost. favoritos deliplus-essence-kiko

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Charcoal mask for blackheads

I’m updating again and this time it’s to compare two two-phase eye makeup removers from different brands. Since I went to Mercadona and bought the biphasic one from their own brand, I haven’t found or had another one like it. I looked for it on the recommendation of youtubers and the truth is, it’s great.

Well, one day I went to a store where they sell low cost makeup like Essence, Catrice… And I decided to try the eye makeup remover of the brand. There are two, the normal and the special waterproof, which is the one I have.

Well, what was my surprise when I used it, that in addition to removing my eye makeup better than the Deliplus one, it didn’t cloud my eyes at all and it didn’t sting either. Since I tried it, it has replaced the one from Mercadona. It’s the third bottle I’ve bought and so far it’s the one that works best for me.

This is what they look like when shaken. It is true that it is recommended to move it slowly from one side to the other, not to shake it up and down, as this way the two components do not mix so well and the result can be affected.