Germaine de capuccini barcelona

Germaine de capuccini barcelona


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If you want to give your face a special touch or shape your silhouette, here is the solution! Because at Perfect FaceSpa they offer rejuvenating facial treatments and firming and reducing body treatments. To do this, they use the latest equipment on the market, thus enhancing the results of their services. For a complete appointment, take advantage of your visit to remove your body hair with waxing, and they also offer wifi and tea!

Magic awaits you at L’aura Centro de Estética, a beauty center in Sant Gervasi-Galvany, Barcelona. Flirty and feminine. Elegant and discreet. Warm and glamorous. It is the salon where you will allow yourself to experience beauty and wellness without limits. Its charming decoration added to the friendliness of its stylists make this center the sanctuary of beauty where you will feel at home.

Hollywood-style make-up area, comfortable armchairs to relax in during your mani pedi and private rooms with high-end equipment. You couldn’t ask for more, and you know it. Book your beauty treatment at L’aura Centro de Estética and bewitch Barcelona.

in the second part we took out our pride and put them in there.

Acquiring a product at the best price is difficult given the huge variety of offers that exist, which is why we should not rely on buying in the cheapest store, but not in the most expensive, as it is possible that they maintain outdated prices and you can not take the cream you need at the right price.

People’s opinions about Germaine cosmetics are very varied. There are people who «imagine their life» without these creams, to people who refer to them as «magical». With an aura of youthfulness they can’t describe.

The first part of the brand name may be more or less clear, but do we know where the second part comes from? Well, it comes from Germaine Levebvre, a famous and renowned actress of that time, who was a client of her salon, who was called: Capucine. And voila, here we have the beginning of a great brand.

A brand like Germaine de Capuccini, given the quality of its products, and attention to our care, would not take long to enter the international market. Starting with the Venezuelan market, and passing through Asia, North America and Europe, it has been growing unstoppably.

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As a fundamental part of its operational strategy, the development of various locations is of particular importance to enhance the brand image, as well as to enable continuous training of its customers.

Being a company so closely linked to beauty, the challenge in this intervention is clear. To enhance the brand image, projecting modern and open spaces, where the predominant tones in the intervention, black and white, reinforce the brand image.

In addition, a space with a marked diaphanous character is proposed, through the integration of glass partitions that, both fixed and stackable, allow to provide the spaces with great versatility to adapt the space to the needs of the delegation.

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The Gel Make-up Remover is a moisturizing product, it cleanses the skin perfectly without leaving it tight, it is a base for make-up and a pre make-up. Unlike other gel products on the market, this product does not leave any greasy residue on the skin, it removes everything with a simple wipe.

Hydracure treatments that provide intense and long-lasting hydration thanks to a high hyaluronic acid content. The Hydracure Normal to Dry Cream Pack is a moisturizing facial treatment with a silky and enveloping texture that offers immediate well-being and intense and long-lasting hydration to the skin.

It is characterized by a very careful presentation, with a different presentation for each skin type. We find from a 50 ml presentation, through a 100 ml one, up to a 250 ml one.

In addition to these three formats, we find the 200 ml, but in a two-in-one presentation, with a white and a green layer. But best of all, there is a 100 ml presentation with a water dispenser, from the AQUAPLUS brand, which gives us extra freshness when removing makeup from our skin.