Germaine de capuccini el corte ingles

Germaine de capuccini el corte ingles


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-Total Age Correction Day Cream SPF 15 Lancaster. An anti-aging cream helps fight against skin aging, and at the same time manages to restore the luminosity that is being lost. It has a Lancaster SPF 15. Price 92,90 now 55,74 euros.

-Clarins Extra Firming Anti-Aging Cream. It has lifting action, firming and manages to reduce wrinkles, as well as prevents blemishes and brings more light to the skin. Price 87,00 now 65,25 euros.

Rejuvenate & Correct Juvena anti-wrinkle cream. Anti-wrinkle night treatment that helps activate the skin’s stem cells to make it smooth, luminous and soft again. It also has antioxidant action to fight free radicals.    Price 98,00 now 78,40 euros.

-Uplifting And Firming Cream Enriched Shiseido anti-wrinkle cream. An anti-aging cream that works for both day and night, its texture is rich and manages to regenerate the dermis giving way to a smoother, firmer, redensified and luminous skin. Price 141,00 now 105,75 euros.

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The Gel Makeup Remover is a moisturizing product, it perfectly cleanses the skin without leaving it tight, it is a base for makeup and a pre makeup. Unlike other gel products on the market, this product leaves no trace of grease on the skin, but with a simple wipe we remove everything.

Hydracure treatments that provide intense and long-lasting hydration thanks to a high content of hyaluronic acid. The Hydracure Normal to Dry Cream Pack is a moisturizing facial treatment with a silky and enveloping texture that offers immediate well-being and intense and long-lasting hydration to the skin.

It is characterized by a very careful presentation, with a different presentation for each skin type. We find from a 50 ml presentation, through a 100 ml one, up to a 250 ml one.

In addition to these three formats, we find the 200 ml, but in a two-in-one presentation, with a white and a green layer. But best of all, there is a 100 ml presentation with a water dispenser, from the AQUAPLUS brand, which gives us extra freshness when removing makeup from our skin.