Mercadona mascara de pestañas

Mercadona mascara de pestañas


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Mercadona gets you to be able to achieve a look of infarction thanks to the new golden mascara. It is being a bestseller among makeup fans, and no wonder, since almost all Deliplus items offer unbeatable results at a very affordable price. In this case, for less than 3.65 euros.

So it is a must-have item in the luggage of any woman, either to go on a trip, or for any outing during the summer. Because you will get a clear and beautiful look thanks to this mascara Maxi Volume of Mercadona.

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You have come to the right place if you are interested in buying Eyebrow Mascara, we have prepared this ordered list with the most purchased products in the category Eyebrow Mascara, this way you can not only buy the product in Mercadona, to see prices, reviews and opinions of Eyebrow Mascara stay with us.

New Eye Liners Mercadona. Deliplus Long Lasting Eyeliner. These automatic eyeliners for eyes, which do not need to draw tip, but it is turned and the mine comes out. At one end they have a sponge to draw the line and then blend it with the sponge and thus a smoother smoky look.

With the Cholocat shadow and the angled brush, fill in your eyebrows following their natural line. Set your eyebrows. To fix them, comb them with the brush and for better fixation, apply fixative gel. With the sponge applicator, apply the beige shadow in the eyelid socket.

For an even more professional result, use a nude shadow under the eyebrow to highlight the eyes. Remember, for a natural look, apply a small amount of product in a color similar to your natural hair color.

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With a silicone brush with very fine bristles allows you to extend the mascara easily and get a perfect finish without caking or clumping.Its price is 4 euros.Sun Party Lipsticks MercadonaThey are a set of 3 lipsticks Sun Party that have a very convenient format to carry and use, as they come with a thick pen tip. They allow to reach each corner of the lips and outline them easily, to give a perfect finish.its texture is very nice, creamy and fresh, not dry, fixed very well, long lasting and its natural components have a slight scent of vanilla.Sun Party Lipsticks Deliplus.Mercadona

The Lip Tint Merker Deliplus 01 is a lipstick with a natural laugh tone with a slight shine and leaves a bitten lip effect finish.The Lip Tint Merker Deliplus 02 has an attractive fuchsia tone and the Sun Party Deliplus 03 is deep red, very striking, but without being strident. The price per unit is 5 euros.EyeshadowsThis is a palette of eyeshadows, with neutral colors that naturalize the makeup on your eyes while enhancing the look.It consists of 10 basic elements arranged in a nice case, with chrome matte, satin and pearlized alienados. Two of them are illuminators: one in a golden tone and the other in a lighter champagne color with shimmering shades. Both combine harmoniously with 8 eye shadows in different colors and shades in bone, beige, tile or browns in lighter and darker range.At the moment it is not available for online purchase, but in some stores it is already on sale for the price of 7 euros. Makeup fixerWith this makeup fixer Make Up Fixer Sun Party Deliplus in addition to fix your makeup on your face for longer and keep it perfect, moisturizes your skin thanks to its components of natural origin.After makeup gives the face a satin look, in pearly tones with sparkles and leaves a very pleasant and fresh feeling on the face. Without moisturizing leaves a pleasant smell of perfume.Fixer Makeup.Mercadona

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It’s been almost a month since I’ve been to «the city»! Between one thing and another I’ve been very busy in the village with domestic and professional issues. And of course, then you «let me loose» in a store…and the spotlights confuse me…pranks aside, I had seen on IG several new products from Mercadona that I found very interesting and I took advantage of the fortnightly shopping to add them to my cart.

Another of the new products were some colored eyeliners. They have released five, of which I have discarded the black and the bone color and I have taken the blue, pink and purple. The blue is metallic, while the pink and mauve are matte.

What’s more, when my daughter Irene gave me a whiff of the vanilla one, I didn’t even let her subjugate me and you know it’s a scent that always wins…but the bitch gave me a whiff of the banana one and…we both looked each other in the eyes and said «to the cart!

You already know that I usually like Flor de Mayo fragrances a lot. And this one was no less because it is also from the oriental range and it is dominated by vanilla. Two little things: the packaging… I don’t like it very much. And another detail is that it is intense, I see it as for winter rather. Its price is 1’50€.