The ordinary granactive retinoid 5

The ordinary granactive retinoid 5


what is the ordinary retinol for?

Another peculiarity of The Ordinary is that it presents in its packaging the percentage of active ingredients it uses, this is a great help since other brands do not reveal their secrets, making The Ordinary a cosmetic line of great clarity, this is one of the strengths of The Ordinary brand.

Their packaging is very minimalistic, The Ordinary is so economical because they don’t spend a lot of money on advertising, they know their products are good and they deliver what they promise making their biggest referent word of mouth because of their effectiveness.

retinol 0.5% in squalane what is it for?

The Ordinary’s motto is ‘chemistry with integrity,’ and for good reason: all The Ordinary Skincare products in general are vegan, animal cruelty-free and free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, animal oils, coal tar dyes and formaldehyde.

The spirit of The Ordinary is evident in the targeted formulas developed to address a wide range of skin care needs, from signs of aging to dehydration, delivered in minimalist, elegant packaging.

But where The Ordinary is in a league of its own is in its revolutionary approach that allows modern women (who research and know what works for their skin) to choose some of the most effective key ingredients on the market individually: for a truly personalized, functional and effective choice.

retinol 0.5 the ordinary

When we picture Kim KardashianIn her skincare routine, we usually only think of the ultra expensive brands we know she loves, like La Mer or Dr. Barbara Sturm. That’s why it’s always such a pleasant and lovely surprise when we discover she adores a product that’s in our budget!

In 2018, Kardashian shared a list of products she loved on her app and this serum from The Ordinary made the cut. The Ordinary is so good at finding powerful yet simple skincare at mega-affordable prices, so we were excited to see a product from the brand included. Thankfully, it’s still available today!

«In any skincare routine, anti-aging products are VERY important,» Kardashian wrote at the time. «They can have many benefits, such as reducing dark spots, preventing wrinkles, smoothing fine lines and much more.» Knowing this, it’s no surprise Us that she had a retinoid serum in her routine. If you’re looking for clear, youthful skin, there’s often no better ingredient!

the ordinary retinol 0.5% in squalane

a) Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion, which is a solubilized Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate (HPR) complex. HPR is a highly advanced form of retinoid that is, in fact, an over-the-counter ester of all trans retinoic acid that offers a greater effect against the signs of aging than conventional retinol, retinyl palmitate and almost all other forms of over-the-counter retinoids.

This product uses new generation retinoid active technologies that have shown a better result in reducing the signs of aging than retinol without irritation. These technologies cannot be directly compared to retinol itself in terms of concentration because they include a different retinoid molecule, just as retinol cannot be compared to retinoic acid in terms of its concentration. If you are interested in a retinol product, check out our Retinol 1% formula, which contains pure 1% retinol and is lower priced, as many retinol technologies cost less than their new generation counterparts, such as hydroxypinacolone retinoate. Advanced retinoid 2% achieves better visible anti-aging results than retinol 1%, with less irritation, but retinol 1% is recommended if you are specifically looking for a pure retinol formula.