Thiomucase y trombocid resultados

Thiomucase y trombocid resultados


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This medicine is an ointment for cutaneous use that, when applied on the skin, improves blood flow by favoring the dissolution of clots. It belongs to the pharmacotherapeutic group of topical antivarcotics.

It may cause allergic reactions (possibly delayed) because it contains ethyl parahydroxybenzoate (E214), propyl parahydroxybenzoate (E216), methyl parahydroxybenzoate (E218), butyl parahydroxybenzoate and isobutyl parahydroxybenzoate.

Apply the preparation with a light massage to facilitate penetration and wash hands after each application. Generally no bandage is necessary, although it can be covered with a gauze or compress if necessary.

In case of overdose or accidental ingestion, consult your doctor or pharmacist or call the Toxicological Information Service. Telephone 915 62 04 20, indicating the drug and the amount ingested.

The following adverse effects have been reported in post-marketing experience. The frequency is defined as follows: (frequent: affecting 1 to 10 in 100 patients; infrequent: affecting 1 to 10 in 1,000 patients; rare: affecting 1 to 10 in 10,000 patients; very rare: affecting less than 1 patient in 10,000).

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So much so that sometimes you read comments worthy of Cuarto Milenio, maybe that’s why it strikes me that I haven’t touched this topic before.  Maybe even because they don’t know my dirty laundry.

Thrombocid is a medicine in tube form, it is an ointment for varicose veins and thrombi (clots), relieves pain and helps to improve circulation. As a medicine it may have contraindications (leaflet).

The first thing I did at the time was to put two 30 ml tubes of Thrombocid and one 100 ml tube of Thiomucase in an empty Nivea body spray bottle, with part of the Nivea Q10 until the 200 ml bottle was full and shake it well to mix the whole concoction.

It is worth mentioning that the smell of Thrombocid has always turned me off, my grandfather used to give it to my grandmother very often on her legs because she had varicose veins and her legs ached, it is a smell that has stuck to my pituitary for life @[email protected]

On some sites it was commented that you had to use it 5 days in a row and rest a few (Thrombocid can not be used more than 5 days in a row) or alternate every other day, I opted for this second one.

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