Veronica echegui yo soy la juani

Veronica echegui yo soy la juani


The last circus

If we remember Juani, we think of a girl from the suburbs, brave, a fighter and with a very clear goal: to be an actress. «I’m going to be an actress and no one should doubt it because I’ll get it, let’s be very clear, because I am Juani», she said in that film.

We also remember, from the fictional character, that she was in love with her Jonah, played by Dani Martín. The boyfriend for whom she had bet so much, and even gave him part of his salary to tune the car, but who finally betrayed her by having an affair with an acquaintance from her town.

Veronica appeared with Alex at the Goya Gala to silence and deny all the rumors of separation. She said that everything that had been published and speculated was «Matrix», and then they have repeated on several occasions that the concept of couple that they have is kept for privacy.

My best friend

Juani is a teenager from the suburbs who, in addition to having problems at home, has a very jealous and indecisive boyfriend with whom she argues constantly. But there comes a time when the situation becomes unbearable and she decides to leave him so she can do everything she has not done while she has been with him. The first thing she sets out to do is to succeed as an actress.

Discoverer of talented young actresses – as was the case of Penélope Cruz in Jamón, jamón (1992), Bigas Luna introduced Verónica Echegui to the world of cinema in Yo soy la Juani. The leading actress in this feature film, she was nominated for a Goya for Best New Actress and shared the cast with singer Dani Martín. Drama. 90 min. Dir.: Bigas Luna. Int.: Verónica Echegui, Laya Martí, Dani Martín, Gorka Lasaosa, José Chaves.

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The ages of lulu

The party will take place in the Parc de Sant Jordi at 10 pm and tickets can be obtained by entering the website of the film Bigas Luna makes this celebration in Reus as a sign of «gratitude to the facilities that the city has given» for his filming.

The shooting of the film began in March in the area of Tarragona and has also been developed in Barcelona, Madrid and Los Angeles, among other places. It stars, among others, Verónica Echegui and the singer of Canto del Loco Dani Martin and tells the story of a girl from the suburbs who wants to succeed as an actress.

La teta y la luna

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