You are the princess opiniones

You are the princess opiniones


Prince philip, husband of the queen of england dies

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Located in the center of the capital, the restaurant La Mordida is always very busy. With a quality Mexican cuisine, the colorful decoration with murals of typical Mexican cowboys, give it a fresh and young air, which automatically takes you, with the smell of tequila, to the other side of the Atlantic.

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In the first installment of Princess Makeover, Hudgens played Stacy, a Chicago pastry chef who travels to a European country with stale nobility to participate in a pastry competition. To her surprise, she discovers that she shares an immense resemblance with Margaret, a duchess about to marry the crown prince, and the two decide to switch roles for a few days.  As you can imagine, this gives rise to all sorts of misunderstandings, confusion and jokes, but it all works out and the two find their true and unexpected love because it’s a Christmas movie.

Along with Hudgens, much of the cast from the first film returns for the sequel, including Suanne Braun, Lachlan Nieboer, Mark Fleischmann, Grant Crookes, Ricky Norwood, Adele Lupton, Jess Fergusson, Grant Fergusson and Stefan Milne.

Well, if it seemed that the situation had run its course, we come to (Re)change of princess. On this occasion, Margaret is about to be crowned heiress of Montenaro, her country, and Stacy is already happily married to her prince, but they decide to change again so that Margaret can devote time to her private life and fix their relationship. Things get complicated when Fiona comes into play, a cousin of Margaret’s who is also exactly like them, although she has her own plans for the family fortune and how to get her hands on it.

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