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DISCOVER YOUR MOMENTS McCAIN POTATOES ORIGINAL McCAIN 3/8 McCAIN JULIENNE Cutting potatoes 9×9 mm Cutting potatoes 6×6 mm McCAIN STEAKHOUSE McCAIN CRINKLE Cutting potatoes 9×18 mm Cutting potatoes curly cut potatoes

Code: AZ2915 Chili con Carne Rellena tu Burrito! Features: Authentic Mexican chili con carne. Code: AZ2902 Cheddar Cheese Sauce Features: Canned cheddar cheese, intense flavor.

SANDWINO A TRENDY SNACKING CONCEPT WITH INFINITE POSSIBILITIES 4 Sandwino: The Endless Possibilities Solution 6 7 8 Sandwiches Toasted Bread Paninis Fast food 10 11 12 13 Catering Bread Basket

French fries and other potato-containing products OUR HISTORY Our factory is a family business that originated in 1964. In 2 generations, we have evolved from a local turkey slaughterhouse to a leading manufacturer.

Our products INDEX FOOD CHANNEL INDEX Roasted peppers Caramelized tomato sauces Spoon delicacies Fried onion Compotes Torti-ya Dips & Hummus Dried tomatoes Bierzo specialties ORGANIC


Mixed Meat Broth (CHICKEN, TENDER AND BEEF) Presentation Today we are going to prepare a Mixed Meat Broth, a typical culinary specialties of Italian cuisine, widespread especially in the


CHILEAN COOKING Granados beans 250 g of granados beans 100 g of frozen corn 1 cut of pumpkin sweet potato 1 onion 1 red pepper 1 green bell pepper 1 carrot Basil to taste Cumin to taste Oregano

COOKING C H I LE N A Pomegranate Beans 250 g pomegranate beans 100 g frozen corn 1 sweet potato 1 onion 1 red bell pepper 1 green bell pepper 1 carrot basil to taste cumin to taste oregano

RECIPES WITH TRISOJA Croquettes of Trisoja Natural Trisoja 4 cups of water 2 tablespoons of oil Salt, to taste Cook Trisoja in boiling water for 5 minutes, with salt. Strain and add the oil. Trisoja

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because each one added, and removed in it, what seemed to him the best at his whim. The matter being in this deplorable state, the Superiors of this Ilocan Province reflected on the matter, and

However, today this is not used, either because the natives have accommodated themselves to our characteristics, or because the superiors have totally prohibited it, with very just motives;’ and this is what happens to us with the Romance language.

happens to us with the romance that the Romans left us. The reason why I now deal with this subject is because of the great need I see in the Ministers to learn this Ilocano language,

and -f~in, when this is not achieved, Ai at least I have the coseo eqelscuriosos me esteem it very much, for having this memory of Ia antigueodad ilocana. But I warn that this is not, yenderme by more h~cibil in the Icngua said, that our venerable predecessors; and so what I, I, do

I would not be able to study it,’ nor even half understand it, blame your laziness, rudeness, and do not make such a low judgment of a legitimate daughter of the noble Malay language.

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Comparación entre mujeres blancas y negras víctimas de la violencia de pareja en el nordeste de Brasil. Una muestra de mujeres blancas y negras con relación de pareja heterosexual desde hacía al menos seis meses contestó al Index of Spouse Abuse. Gummosis de Acacia decurrens Willd.

Causada por Ceratocystis fimbriata Ell. Varias plantas de Acacia decurrens mostraron marchitamiento y posterior secado de las ramas. Las ramas mostraban división de la madera y exudación de goma. La madera cortada transversalmente mostraba una médula de color ceniza, que desenvolvía numerosos peritecios cuando se mantenía en una cámara húmeda. Estos peritecios se transfirieron asépticamente a papa-dextrosa-agar y el cultivo se clasificó como Ceratocystis fimbriata Ell.

Las plantas de Acacia de cuatro meses inoculadas con el aislado murieron al cabo de 14 días. El hongo se aisló de nuevo de estas plantas muertas. Las pruebas de inoculación cruzada con el aislado de C. Ergonomía y sostenibilidad ambiental: Esta investigación se caracteriza por ser un estudio de caso, de tipo descriptivo y exploratorio y de carácter aplicado.