Arturo rodriguez perez reverte

Arturo rodriguez perez reverte


el maestro de esgrima – addio del passato

Nacido en Cartagena, Murcia, Arturo comenzó a jugar como senior con el CD Bala Azul local en la temporada 2008-09, en Tercera División. En 2009 pasó al FC Cartagena y fue destinado al filial en la misma categoría[1].

En julio de 2011 Arturo llegó por primera vez a Segunda División B, fichando por el recién creado CF La Unión,[2] marcando 11 goles en la primera y única temporada de existencia del club. El 30 de junio del año siguiente, acordó un contrato con otro equipo filial, el Getafe CF B también de tercera división[3].

El 8 de julio de 2013, Arturo se incorporó a otro equipo de tercera división, La Roda CF[4] El 30 de diciembre fichó por el Córdoba CF de Segunda División, tras ser el máximo goleador de los castellano-manchegos con 15 goles en solo 19 partidos[5].

Arturo debutó como profesional el 4 de enero de 2014, jugando los últimos 21 minutos y marcando el último del triunfo en casa ante el Recreativo de Huelva (2-0),[6] aportando 19 partidos y dos goles, en el regreso de los andaluces a la Liga tras 42 años de ausencia.

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In 2010 he made the preseason with the first team of FC Cartagena being the top scorer,[3] with five goals he became the ‘pichichi’ of the preseason and was the summer revelation for those who closely followed the work prior to the start of the League. He remained with FC Cartagena-La Union during the 2010-2011 season, training with the first team on several occasions and even getting into some call-up.

In 2013 he signed with La Roda CF where he would become the revelation player of Group 4,[4] being the top scorer of the entire Second Division B in the first round of the season, achieving a figure of top scorer of Group 4 of Second Division B with 15 goals in 19 games played.[5] In January 2016, Arturo was signed by La Roda CF.

In January 2016, Arturo is loaned until the end of the season at Dundee FC. Cordoba wanted to terminate the contract with the player and for him to leave with the letter of freedom, but the footballer did not agree to give up the contract that binds him to the Blanquiverdes until June 2017. Scottish club Dundee agreed to pay the full amount of the player’s contract.

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He is still better known for being the nephew of the writer Arturo Pérez-Reverte, but the striker from Murcia joins Atlético Baleares with the intention of writing the best possible account of his long professional career… without being compared to Nuha Marong, his predecessor in the role of ATB’s goal scorer. Arturo Juan Rodríguez Pérez-Reverte (Cartagena, 1989) returns to the Blue and Whites’ club after several unsuccessful attempts. Because his name has been on Patrick Messow’s agenda for some time, as both acknowledged at the presentation held on Tuesday.

Obviously, the name of Nuha Marong did not take long to appear on the table. The striker is aware of the comparisons although he makes it clear that he is Arturo: «I come to do my job, not to forget Nuha, who has left a good memory and when I leave I hope to leave it similar or better than him,» said the striker.

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Arturo is facing the club of his love in circumstances in which he did not want to cross. This is what he commented with Perico Arango, Cartagena’s tool boy and one of the men of the black and white team with whom he keeps in touch. However, chance has put them face to face and, as is logical, the comments from his entourage are inevitable: «Some friends who are from Cartagena tell me not to run and try not to score goals (laughs). I understand that they tell me that, but they also want the best for me, which would be to be promoted and to be able to score. The ideal thing would be for us to be promoted and the next one for Cartagena, so we’re all happy,» he says.

Little oblivious to everything surrounding the match, the Cartagena player commented that they have been able to see the statements that his coach dedicated to Borja at the beginning of the week: «I think it is a phrase that does not correspond to what the coach thinks. If you read the whole interview, you can see that it is not like that. He simply gives an example that there is not only one way to train. I think it is being given more importance than it really has and anyone who knows Mandiola knows perfectly well that it is his way of speaking and that he has nothing against Borja», he said.