Fernando hierro alvaro hierro

Fernando hierro alvaro hierro


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Fernando Ruiz Hierro (pronunciación española: [feɾˈnando ˈʝero]; nacido el 23 de marzo de 1968) es un exfutbolista profesional español que jugó como defensa central, líbero o mediocentro defensivo, y es entrenador.

Ganó cinco Ligas y tres Ligas de Campeones con el Real Madrid a lo largo de 14 años tras su fichaje por el Valladolid, durante los cuales participó en más de 500 partidos oficiales. También compitió profesionalmente en Qatar e Inglaterra.

Hierro representó a España en casi 90 ocasiones, participando en cuatro Mundiales y dos Eurocopas. Comenzó a trabajar como directivo en 2016 con el Oviedo, siendo nombrado al frente de la selección dos años después.

Hierro nació en Vélez-Málaga, provincia de Málaga. Tras iniciar su carrera futbolística en el Vélez CF local, tuvo un breve paso por el vecino CD Málaga, donde le dijeron que no valía para este deporte, lo que motivó su regreso a casa[2] Finalmente debutó en la Liga con el Real Valladolid, siendo comprado por el Real Madrid en el verano de 1989 tras dos sólidas temporadas.

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However, the eldest son of the former Real Madrid player has also revealed the negative things: «It has always hurt me in this always in the spotlight. There were times when I didn’t want to and I was always in the spotlight. When I did something good, it was normal, and when I did something bad it was very bad. A strong intensity».

In addition, Álvaro Ruiz confessed that there are people who have tried to «jump on the bandwagon». «There are many times they ask me for T-shirts, balls…. You try to be good and generous with people and in the end people try to take advantage. I have always been very generous. For the rest, I’m fine,» he acknowledged.


He was the key player, the defender who could not be missing in the national teams of Luis Suárez, Vicente Miera, Javier Clemente or José Antonio Camacho. He has played in four World Cups (on the bench in Italy 90, and as a starter and undisputed reference in USA 94, France 98 and Korea and Japan 2002) and two European Championships (England 96 and Belgium and Netherlands 2000).

The most remembered goal is the one he scored against Denmark in the qualifying phase for the 1994 World Cup in the USA. «The goal against Denmark was the most important goal of my international career,» the player himself admitted.

Best of all, Real Madrid had to compensate Atletico and Gil decided to spend that money on giving watches to all their fans with the club’s crest and an engraving on the back that read ‘Gift from Don Ramon’.

The technology group of which Hierro is a founder and senior partner said in a statement that the new brand is made with fabrics based on far infrared ray (FIR) technology, a material used to maintain the body temperature of astronauts.

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In terms of individual distinctions, in February 1996, he received the Medal of Andalusia for «being an example of honesty, pundonor and sporting dedication for many young Andalusians».[15] In December 2002, he entered the Royal Order of Sporting Merit with the category of Gold Medal.[16] On June 8, 2016, Real Oviedo announced his signing as coach of the first team for one season.[21] «The project excites me the most, because of its tradition and fans.

On June 8, 2016, Real Oviedo announced his signing as first-team coach for one season.[21] «The project excites me to the maximum, because of its tradition and Primera fans, and the stability of Grupo Carso,» Hierro acknowledged after his signing as coach was confirmed. After a season in which he finished eighth in the championship, he left the Oviedo club, after the sports management did not renew his contract for one more season.[22] Hierro’s contract was renewed for another season.