Javier de haro tiempo de espanyol

Javier de haro tiempo de espanyol


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Since 1991 it has had its own subsidiary team, the Real Club Deportivo Espanyol «B», a function that since 1930 had been carried out by other companies through collaborative agreements. Despite the late founding of the second team, it had for decades before with some lower categories or training, reflected today with the sports area of R. C. D. Espanyol and considered one of the best and most prolific quarries of the national territory.[23] In the summer of 1903, it became the first team of the R. C. D. Espanyol «B».

In the summer of 1903, they began to play their home matches at the Velódromo de la Calle Aragón, although their stay at this venue was short-lived. On December 6, 1903, the team moved to the Campo del Hospital Clínic Norte, where it made its debut in a 2-0 win against Catalá F.C..

In May 1911, the sport of rugby was practiced for the first time in the club,[n. 5] also being a novelty in the city and the country.[37][38] Formed by most of the members of the soccer squad, it faced the French Patrie, demonstrating that the Catalan entity was once again in good health. A few days later, three foreign players joined the club – the first to join their discipline – from the Plumstead Football Club in London,[n. 6] invited to compete in festivities with several demonstrations of matches of both modalities.[39] Frank Allack, William Hodge and Raine Gibson were the ones who set the course towards professionalism of the club, until then governed by amateur status, and who would later be joined by the brothers Charles and Percival Wallace.

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We’ve been in the league for 5 days and I don’t understand what’s wrong with people. This is starting to be a cage of grumpy crickets, we have 10 points, and people are in a bad mood. I guess we are a reflection of how Catalonia is today, bad vibes, bad mood, tension and envy. I think it is unfair to describe Javier de Haro as a «cacique». The day this program is not broadcasted, we will really realize what it means to be truly alone.

I am not saying that what Javier de Haro is doing is not wrong, he is the only one who gives us news about Espanyol and broadcasts all the matches, we should be grateful for the work he does. I am not saying that what he said is not wrong but I think we should look more at the work he does and stop complaining about nonsense.I always listen to him before going up to montjuic and during the week when I can and I think he is a person who feels the most Espanyol!in the comment he made some reason he was right we are not playing well and if every game we are winning they tie us or we end up losing is to look at it…Nothing else I hope you do not criticize this senyor.Greetings! RCDE until death! 100% Anticule

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Elche C.F. and R.C.D. Espanyol of Barcelona drew 2-2 in a crazy match that could have been won by anyone. The Martínez Valero registered the best entrance of the season with 13,449 spectators, 300 of whom were Espanyol supporters.

The team from Elche had a few minutes of confusion that could have taken them out of the game for good, but Espanyol did not know how to finish in their best minutes and it could have cost them dearly. In the 83rd minute, Darío Benedetto took advantage of a defensive error to make it 2-2, which would be the definitive score.

In the final stretch, either side could have won. Embarba took a free kick from the edge of the area and Kiko Casilla made a saving hand in the 86th minute. Espanyol’s goalkeeper, Diego López, was not far behind and made the best save of the league in the First Division. Pipa» Benedetto left the ball to Pere Milla who shot from close range and the Espanyol goalkeeper responded with a prodigious intervention.

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Levante won in a match in which the Moroccan El Zhar led the home side to victory against an irregular opponent, who conceded the first two goals in just two minutes, midway through the first half, and who did not show the capacity to react in such a way as to endanger the Levante victory.

After the 2-0 half-hour mark, Espanyol had territorial control, but Javier Aguirre’s team lacked the bite against a Levante side that felt comfortable on the counter and scored their first home win of the season in front of their fans.

This tone of play, in which almost nothing happened, was maintained until midway through the first half, when after Víctor Sánchez lost the ball, the Espanyol player brought down El Zhar outside the area. The referee deemed the action to be a penalty and booked the offender. El Zhar himself made it 1-0.

From then on, Levante started to play on the counter and it was up to Espanyol to take control of the game. The ball became theirs and the approaches to the home goal increased, although these arrivals did not carry excessive danger.