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Juan carlos rivero twitter


It’s not a penalty, why don’t you consult the var?

It has become a constant in the Rio Olympic Games. Criticism of the coverage that TVE is giving to them is constant; many complain that competitions are broadcasted delayed, that broadcasts are cut to put others, that too much prominence is given to sports that are not the classics of the Olympics…

So Monday went by and Juan Carlos Rivero and María Escario continued with their work of presenting the day to day of the Games. A live broadcast of many hours, which can give rise to errors, but also gives rise to many viewers eager to find a mistake without difficulty.

And there they were talking, explaining the result, that the British were far superior … when a tweeter wrote a tweet criticizing the knowledge they had about the sport, both Rivero and Escario.

An attempt to belittle that few followers liked and who went on to criticize the TVE journalist. For her part, María Escario responded very differently and apologized for the comments, clarifying that it had been her mistake.

Carnival in a tube

Barça’s historic comeback against PSG has fallen like a bucket of cold water for many, who were already fantasizing about the premature elimination of the blaugrana from the Champions League. And the fact is that the culé feat caused sparks to fly in many sports program sets, which last night seemed like a real funeral.

Brotons was in the mood for a fight and in his first intervention he made a veiled allusion to Rivero’s supposed madridism: «Barça has put you madridistas against the wall, because you had already eliminated one of the teams you feared the most», he commented, directly addressing Rivero, who was not amused by the comment: «Who are you talking to, macho?

Before his incident in ‘Estudio Estadio’, the journalist also launched a deep charge against Josep Pedrerol for considering Barça eliminated early. In a tweet, he charged against the presenter of ‘El Chringuito’ and highlighted Pedrerol’s «unpresentable journalistic level».

Hanged from the hoop 6×89 celebrating 100k with

After hearing the insult, the journalist’s countenance changed and he became extremely angry: «What was that, a joke? But no, Fernando Ramos made it clear that it was real and that it was broadcast by mistake.

The presenter and the program’s panelists were listening to the criticism of some viewers referring to the alleged bias of some of them when they heard: «But how is Rivero such an asshole? Damn, he gets more and more asshole every day». After those words, Ramos asked for the recording to be stopped.

The tremendous disappointment of the us. the second division, de gea

After the program’s cancellation in 2005, Juan Carlos Rivero joined the team of El Rondo, the program that filled the gap of Estudio Estadio on Sunday nights, and remained on the screen until the end of the 2006-2007 season.

Antonio San José was the head of news at RCE, a station that no longer exists. He put a tape recorder in my hand and told me to go to the amusement park to do a report. It was the summer of 1984 in Madrid. I didn’t know where to start. At the park they treated me so well that everything was easier. In sports I remember my first experience as a narrator in the Vallecas field. The experience didn’t last long because I wasn’t able to make a single connection. That thing didn’t work, or I didn’t know how to use it. Heh, heh.

I try to have all the information under control. Teams, players. But it’s more as a backup than as a help in the transmission. I wish myself luck, there’s a moment beforehand when I close my eyes and think that I’m going to have the best one of my life. And so on until the next one.