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How toni martínez does ‘todo por la radio’ in la ventana

The school of Fornalutx that had to evacuate its students this Wednesday due to heavy rains has canceled classes this Thursday due to the storm. Sources close to the consistory assure that the situation is under control, although they have preferred to take this decision as a precaution. It is expected that classes will resume normally on Friday if the storm subsides or, at the latest, next Monday. The school has been one of the areas most affected by the rain, as a blockage of the torrent caused that an area of the school was affected, although the water did not get inside the building.

Sèries per a la primavera, amb toni de la torre – tot es mou

The final logo was the fusion of those of the companies of Gottlieb Daimler, engine manufacturer, a star, and the laurel ring of Karl Benz that were registered since 1909. The radiator water tank screw cap was quickly chosen as the pedestal for the new Mercedes brand emblem that stood firm and rampant in that position for decades. It soon spread to other body parts on passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

In 1933 the laurel wreath was already transformed into a circle and in 1989 the logo became three-dimensional. One of the keys to the success of the German brand and its logo is its longevity and its presence on all the brand’s vehicles, whether passenger cars, vans or trucks, as a synonym of quality and luxury.

The fashion passed, but Mercedes also made it more difficult by ‘gluing’ the star to the nose of the car instead of placing it upright on top. Currently, the original position is only maintained on the most luxurious models, the Maybach and the S-Class, and as an option on the E-Class, although not in all markets.

Extra life

The consellera has emphasized the importance of complying with the protection measures, mainly in certain environments, such as celebrations, closed spaces, crowds or crowded streets, as they are risk environments in which the use of the mask is essential.

Valencian hospitals currently have 207 people admitted, 39 of them in the ICU: 59 in the province of Castellón, 6 in the ICU; 85 in the province of Alicante, 24 of them in the ICU; and 63 in the province of Valencia, 9 in the ICU.

What to wear to my medical school interview

The new Andrés Suárez is here.  The singer-songwriter from Ferrol has published last Friday, November 5th, the re-release of his homonymous album: Andrés Suárez Deluxe. This is his eighth studio album and the first homonymous work he has released.

Andrés Suárez Deluxe gives us a second CD full of exquisite collaborations with Iván Ferreiro (Caminantes), Beret (Nina) and Marketa Irglová (Nuestra Canción). It also includes five live songs recorded at the Inverfest 2021 Festival in Madrid and their song Rosa y Manuel, together with Victor Manuel from Las Noches del Botánico 2021. But that’s not all!

If we already loved how Suarez’s voice sounded in this song, imagine now that it’s mixed with that of the Sevillian. «Beats the heart. I missed you too», begins singing Beret. The Sevillian singer has put all his essence of sentimental artist.

The lyrics, full of metaphors, do not describe the story of a heartbreak. «Beats heart. That even if I don’t come back, I’m happy again. Even if it hurts, you know it happened,» sing both singers in the chorus.