Corralillo de san miguel toledo

Corralillo de san miguel toledo


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The City Council of Toledo is finalizing the works for the recovery of the pavement of the Corralillo de San Miguel el Alto in order to improve the road and pedestrian traffic in this area of the Old Town, thus responding to a demand made by the Association of Neighbors La Cornisa.

A space, near the Corralillo de San Miguel, that due to the passage and parking of vehicles -it has several parking spaces-, had some sinkholes and deterioration in the road that are now being corrected and recovered to facilitate the movement of cars, neighbors and tourists.

The intervention consisted of restoring the cobblestone pavement by grouting with cement-enriched mortar for subsequent smoothing and washing of the pavement. The potholes in the roadway have also been leveled by replacing the rounded cobbles and granite paving stones, maintaining the original pattern and cutting. In addition, work is being carried out to clean the sidewalk.

Toledo oculto: arroyo de la degollada

Nos encontramos con éste por error. Tomando la larga carretera que rodea Toledo en un caluroso domingo de julio, entramos en un aparcamiento de varias plantas y subimos hasta la cima, evitando así las sinuosas calles empedradas. Cuando llegamos a la cima, nos encontramos con un lugar bastante aislado, situado en el borde occidental del centro de la ciudad, con una vista clara sobre el río hasta el Provincial de la Misericordia. La carta de bebidas es muy completa, con doce cócteles y trece ginebras (6€-10€), cuatro granizados naturales y cinco batidos. Probamos el batido de moka y el de chocolate frío con vainilla (3,50€ cada uno); ambos estaban en la media. Los pinchos fritos son unos bocadillos bastante buenos, paquetes tipo nugget rellenos de jamón y queso.

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Today we bring a practical example that this is not always the case. That the city evolves and that the services -without being as good as some of us would like- have improved notably. For example, the disappeared Bus Station of Corralillo de San Miguel.

But it was not only a place for «departure»; it was also a place for arrivals. At this neuralgic point of the city arrived the thousands of tourists who were already visiting us at that time. These privileged visitors had the possibility of «alighting» in the very center of the city.

Thanks to the urban planning intervention in the area, today, this esplanade is a huge pedestrian area at the service of the citizens. The subsoil became one of the strategic parking lots of the city; and the nearby buildings were reconstructed and adapted according to the rest of the city. The pity is that none of the renovations respected the survival of most of those trees that were never more than young.

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In Toledo, as in other cities, in the old town we have regulated parking, both for residents (green color, here you can not park unless you have the resident card, you are a resident of the hull, accredited), orange zone, where you can park as long as you want, always paying for it in the different parking meters or through the Telpark application, in case you do not want to go to a parking meter every time you want to renew the rate or if you catch you withdrew the car and blue zone, where the maximum you can park is two hours, then having to move the car to another place.

The problem is not so much to park in orange or blue zone, but to get into the city center; The labyrinthine network of Toledo, its narrow streets, dead ends, alleys, mean that we can get into a mess if we venture into it.

In addition, the regulated parking spaces (ORA), are usually full: There are not many places and in the main areas you can not park (it will be difficult, if not impossible, to find parking in the area of the Cathedral, the Jewish quarter …).